Reading Report Service


WHAT IS THE READING REPORT SERVICE? In the reading report service we offer, the overall assessment of the structure of the work is carried out. The text will also be studied to determine its narrative functioning. For this, we will take into account the usual scales by which the publishers are governed. The report will … Read more

Correction of Texts


Texts Correction Service Any written work that you want to reach the public requires a correct use of grammar and spelling, so we offer this text correction service. We offer you two types of text correction: Orthotypographical Orthotypographical and style CHARACTERISTICS OF EACH ONE WHAT IS THE MOST SUITABLE CORRECTION? The revision and correction of … Read more

Literary Agents


LITERARY AGENTS, HOW TO CONNECT WITH ONE? Literary agents act as intermediaries between the writer and publishers. They are also in charge of finding the appropriate publisher for the work, reviewing contracts and defending the rights of the author. It is very difficult to get a major publisher to publish a work unless it has … Read more

Editing Consultant


EDITING CONSULTANT SERVICE The editing consultant service is the process that publishers submit to those books they decide to publish. Through this process, the excellence of the text is sought in terms of content and form. This complete supervision of the work seeks to combine, give quality and facilitate its understanding. This is achieved by … Read more

Writing Services


WRITING SERVICES In addition to writing our own books, in many cases we can accept certain writing services commissions. Like for example writing a children’s story, intended for a specific boy or girl. We will write it on the subject that the parents indicate us. If necessary we can also take care of including illustrations. … Read more

Cover Design


COVER DESIGN Cover design is essential in the presentation of books. We are all aware that sight is the first sense that makes contact with what we are looking for. Books are no exception. Except in cases where a specific title is sought, the first thing that will attract the attention of the potential reader … Read more



TRANSLATIONS SERVICE We also offer you a translation service. We can translate your novel or book and also any type of text, whether they are advertising, scientific or otherwise. Automatic translators have developed quite efficient technologies to translate text. Although it is also true that the results obtained lack the appropriate writing quality for many … Read more

Publish on Platforms


PUBLISH ON PLATFORMS Once the work is ready to be marketed, if there is no publisher interested in it, you can choose to self-publish it. The best way to do this is to publish on the book sale platforms, which exist for this purpose. To publish on platforms, the book or eBook must be already … Read more

Paper Books Layout


LAYOUT SERVICES FOR PAPER BOOKS, DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS In the layout of books on paper, the professional mixes both graphic and editorial design with the concept of publishing. It will act the same way in documents and publications. Simply putting objects and text on some pages is not a professional layout. Getting a good composition … Read more

eBooks Layout


EBOOKS LAYOUT SERVICE If you want to publish your work on any of the various platforms that exist for it, you will need your book to be correctly structured. It is what is known as eBooks layout. This will allow those who read it to enjoy an agile, comfortable and rewarding reading. A poorly laid … Read more