We also offer you a translation service. We can translate your novel or book and also any type of text, whether they are advertising, scientific or otherwise.

Translations Services

Automatic translators have developed quite efficient technologies to translate text.

Although it is also true that the results obtained lack the appropriate writing quality for many documents and, without a doubt, for any literary work.

To carry out a good translation, in addition to technology, human knowledge is required. Only then will we be able to convey exactly what we want in other languages.

In the case of documents of little diffusion or for internal use, a professional translation will suffice.

On the other hand, if it is for a large diffusion, it is convenient that it be reviewed by two independent linguists and passed a quality control.

Within these two possibilities when evaluating the price of the service, it will also be taken into account if it is:

  • General texts, which do not require special knowledge.
  • Specialized texts – legal, scientific, marketing, medical, etc. – where the translator will also be required to be a specialist in the matter.

Knowledge of the jargon of both languages ​​will also be necessary in literary works. For this reason, the translator must master the original language of the writing and that his native language is that of the final translation.

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