Stories Rabasketa II – Cuentos de Peces y de ¡Uhhh! para Leerles a los Peques

Synopsis of: Stories Rabasketa II – Cuentos de Peces y de ¡Uhhh! para Leerles a los Peques (Written in Spanish)

Stories Rabasketa II – Cuentos de de Peces y de ¡Uhhh! para Leerle a los Peques (Written in Spanish). There are twenty stories to tell the little ones, which can also serve as a basis for you to compose your own stories.

RABASKETA II, is a set of children’s stories, designed primarily to distract and entertain children between 2 and 6 years. Although at the same time and consequently to the formative idea, it is tried to transmit them values ​​and knowledge.

These stories are also intended to be a tool where parents will find pleasant, easy-to-read stories. It will also allow them to tell an instructive and enlightening story.

To achieve this goal of fun and instruction, two groups of stories have been developed:



LOS SUEÑOS DE PABLO, where the protagonist is a six-year-old boy named Pablo, whose father makes animal reports. Throughout ten stories, the little one dreams that he lives fantastic experiences with various marine animals. Explain in a simple and humorous manner their customs, while revealing their habitat.
Each of the animals, which star in Pablo’s dreams, is given a name, which has to do with some of the characteristics of the species. For example, the Crown of Thorns Star is called Pointed, referring to the characteristic shapes that adorn it.
In the first story of this series, an introduction will be made where the Marine Park of the Great Barrier Reef in Oceania will be announced



CUENTOS DE ¡UHHH!, also with ten stories, is a set of fables. In them, through the adventures of certain “beings”, the forces necessary to eradicate the usual fears and fears of their age are transmitted to the children. They are at the same time emotional and funny stories that convey essential values. To do this, the characters have been given human names. Consequently, the little one will see them closer and therefore, will intuit them as a product of the imagination and without negative charge.

We sincerely trust that in this book, you will find an effective ally for the formation of your children and that it also serves as a basis for inspiration to create your own stories.