Stories Rabasketa – Cuentos de Animales para Leer a los Peques

Written in Spanish

Synopsis of: Stories Rabasketa – Cuentos de Animales para Leer a los Peques

Stories Rabasketa – Cuentos de Animales para Leer a los Peques. There are wenty stories to tell the little ones, which can also serve as a basis for you to compose your own stories.

RABASKETA, is a set of children’s stories, designed primarily to distract and entertain children between 2 and 6 years. At the same time, efforts have been made to transmit values ​​and knowledge.

These stories are also intended to be a tool where parents will find pleasant, easy-to-read stories. It will consequently allow them to tell an instructive and instructive story.

To achieve this goal of fun and instruction, three groups of stories have been developed:



In this group, the protagonist is a six-year-old girl named Alicia, who tells her experiences with various animals over nine stories. She also explains in a simple and humorous manner their customs, revealing places and customs of Africa.
The name of each of the animals, which star in Alicia’s stories, is that of her breed in Swahili language. This language is used in various parts of Africa, among which Kenya and Tanzania stand out.
For example, in the story Alice and the lion, this animal is called Simba, which means lion in this African language. In this case, the lion also has a nickname, Hatari, which means danger in that language.


This other group, also of nine stories, is a set of fables, where through the actions of animals, the most basic values ​​of coexistence, harmony and kindness are transmitted to the little ones, while being emotional and fun stories.
For this, these characters have been given human names, thus achieving that the child see them closer and therefore, that their attitudes seem easier to emulate.


Finally and as a presentation, we include two stories from the series Las Cosas que Veo, where the protagonists are everyday objects that children see, but that are for children somewhat older than six years or even for parents and grandparents.

We sincerely trust that in this book, you will find an effective ally for the formation of your children and that it also serves as a basis for inspiration to create your own stories.