Course “Aprende a Relajarte”


The ability to relax is essential to maintain a good state of health. Continuous tension and stress tend to produce anxiety states, sometimes difficult to overcome. Our course “Aprende a Relajarte“, (written in Spanish), (Learn to Relax), will help you control the external stimuli that prevent you from relaxing.

Today’s society tends to be very demanding in various aspects. The work, family problems, maintain the usual standard of living, etc. It can end, in difficult times, with the balance of the person.

Everyone is aware of the state of nervousness that others transmit, but are often unable to detect their own. Consequently, when they detect it, it is usually very intense and more difficult to eradicate.

Relaxing seems simple, but it really isn’t. To achieve this, it is necessary to disconnect from the unconscious and that is something that requires following a method and certain training.

Aware of this difficulty, we designed the course , “Aprende a Relajarte” (written in Spanish), (Learn to Relax). We use, for this, a simple and easily understood methodology, which will allow you, in a short time, to keep stress at bay.

At the beginning and to make it simpler, the course also gives you access to downloading some recordings. When you listen to them they will help you achieve this state of tranquillity that you pursue. They will also serve as a basis for creating, later, your own instructions, adapting them to your needs.

When you hear the relaxation recordings, it may happen that you fall asleep, so it is good that if you have to do something then use some means to wake up if it happened. Calculate that the recordings last approximately 30 minutes.

Also when you master relaxation, you will fall asleep more easily.