The phone



Automatic traslation from the original story in Spanish. Not checked manually

Ana had called the same number several times, although she knew that she would not answer. It was impossible, her sister lived alone. No one else could take it, unless Telefónica awarded it to someone else.

But that morning was different, Ana called that phone again, hoping that a miracle would happen and so it was…

“Hello,” said the voice of her late sister.

Short story The Telephone
Short story The Phone ©Montserrat Valls Giner and Juan Genovés Timoner.

Fright, panic seized Ana that she quickly hung up.

She had always wanted him to answer… she needed to hear the voice of her sister Brenda hers, who had died in an accident two years ago…

The next day she called again. She now felt ready.

No one took it… no one ever answered again.

Ana grew old and although she continued to call on designated days or on any given night, Brenda never answered on the other side.

One day when she was already 90 years old, her grandson found her asleep—she was actually dead—with the phone in her hand. The boy took the device carefully so as not to wake her…

After a few seconds he left and went to the dining room where her mother was.

-What happens dear? —He asks the boy looking at his face. How is grandma?

“Sleep,” answered the little boy, “but there was a lady on the phone.

“Did you ask her who she was?”  -Yes. She has said that she was Aunt Brenda.

The Phone – Micro-stories series – Copyright ©Montserrat Valls and Juan Genovés

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