Lightning and Thunder



Automatic traslation from the original story in Spanish. Not checked manually

The lightning and thunder that, with disturbing light and disturbing sounds, which together with the intense rain, had undermined the nocturnal kingdom, finally gave way to the first reddish lights, which the sun, generous, began to give…

Short story Lightning and Thunder
Short story Lightning and Thunder ©Montserrat Valls Giner and ©Juan Genovés Timoner.

An old walnut tree, buffeted for hours by the wind and water, had not, despite its efforts, been able to avoid listing dangerously to his left.

While he stretched, it carefully tested whether his roots would continue to hold it to life… It was not sure; in its opinion its stability was not guaranteed… It resigned himself and decided to do the only thing he could: wait …

Time after…

Hours passed, while its anxiety increased, when suddenly other roots, not its own, surrounded it and held it tightly to that fertile and firm land that gave it food and life.

The roots that had just saved him were those of a linden tree with which it had never cared… A linden tree with which it had never joined the melodies created with its leaves… A linden tree in which it had never it has repaired… The fierce wound that it had received that day… the help of that stranger, led it to a new dimension of love and solidarity… it was at that moment that he discovered that companionship and love are the source of life and, every day, many years later, it allowed its branches and leaves to mix their happy melodies with those of its neighbours, to the delight of the birds that, in a much higher number than before, caressed its cup with their sweet little feet while they sang magical melodies…

Lightning and Thunder – Micro-stories series – Copyright ©Montserrat Valls and Juan Genovés

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