There Is No Small Enemy



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Paquito had recently turned five years old. That morning he woke up happy and eager to go to school. The teacher had told them that he would tell them a story about a young man who defeated a giant and that, because of this story, the phrase “there is no small enemy” had been coined.

His parents Jesús and Laura had a fairly acceptable financial situation and as they were concerned about the loss of values, which they seemed to detect in the majority of children, they had decided to take him to a school run by a religious order.

They were convinced that the issue of education and values would be taken more seriously there than in other schools. On the other hand, when they went to register him, they had been assured that no type of religious proselytism was carried out.

Of course, on some occasions if they thought it could be useful for the training of the little ones, they could use a passage from the Bible. Generally, stories that could capture the attention of the little ones and instill some type of teaching in the little ones.

The truth is that since Paquito had started going to school, he was happy and said that he had a good time there, both with the teachers and with his classmates. One day, emulating the elders, he had even said that, at school, there was a very good vibe.

The daughter of some neighbours on the stairs, a twelve-year-old girl, also went to the same school and Laura had arranged to stay with her and, naturally, with her parents, who, when she went to work, would leave the child, so that Marta – that’s how she would be the little girl called – to take him to school. In exchange they would give him a small financial compensation each week.

That day Paquito, on the way, was telling Marta that the teacher was going to tell them how a child defeated a giant. Marta told her that they had also told her about it when she was little and that she found it interesting.

Once at school, Marta left Paquito in her class and went to hers. Moments later, all the little ones said good morning to the teacher and sat down waiting for him to tell them the story he had promised them.

This began his story:

— “A long, long time ago, long before our great-great-grandparents were born, there were two towns facing each other in continuous battles. They were the Philistines and the Israelites.

In one of these wars, each of these towns had set up their camp on a mountain opposite the other, leaving a valley between them.

The army of the Philistines, among their warriors, had a very great man. In reality, he was a giant that all the people of Israel feared, both because of his enormous strength and because of his skill in handling the sword.

The giant every morning and evening for 40 days, he humiliated the Israelites by loudly challenging them to single combat with any man who dared. His thunderous voice said: “I challenge the army of Israel today! Choose a man to fight with me!

No man in Israel dared to accept the giant’s challenge and the fear among them was growing. When they saw him with bronze armour, helmet and protections on his enormous legs. He wore a fifty-five kilos armour. In addition to the sword, he had a javelin and an iron-tipped spear. Both Saul – the king of Israel – and his army were dismayed and filled with fear.

Finally, after 40 days of humiliation, David, a young sheepherder – almost a child – who could not understand how any warrior had faced Goliath, decided to present himself to Saul as a volunteer.

The king was surprised to see a boy volunteer and tried to dissuade him, but the boy said that he was used to fighting with wild beasts to defend his cattle and that he was not afraid of that giant. Saúl had to accept him.

Once they agreed, David approached the river and carefully chose five flat stones and put them in his bag.

He would confront the giant with his staff and stones. This would be enough.

Upon seeing him, the giant felt offended and shouted: “Am I a dog, you are sending me a child with a stick to fight me!”

David, without being intimidated, took his sling and quickly headed towards the giant, throwing one of the stones at them, which hit right between the eyes of Goliath, who fell to the ground. The boy quickly approached and, taking the sword, cut off his head.

Seeing his best man defeated by a child, the Philistines fled in terror.”

—What did you guys think of the story? —The teacher asked.

Paquito, who, during the story, had imagined a very tall man, who with sneakers on his enormous feet, easily trampled his enemies, managed to raise his voice above those of his companions to say: “It seems to me that this story is not It’s true Mr. teacher.

—Why do you think it’s not true, Paquito? —answered the teacher, disconcerted.

—If it was as long ago as he told us, motorcycles didn’t exist. —Paquito stated among the murmurs from his companions.

—What do motorcycles have to do with the story I have explained to you? —Mr. García – that was the teacher’s name – asked surprised, looking at the child.

—You said that David took his Honda and headed quickly towards Goliath…

The teacher couldn’t help but laugh and then explained to them what a slingshot was and how David slung it to throw the stone at Goliath… he also explained to them that the lesson of this story was that no one should ever think that they were above another person. . We should never make enemies, since there is no small enemy…

There Is No Small Enemy – Short stories series – Copyright ©Montserrat Valls and Juan Genovés

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