The Bowl



Automatic traslation from the original story in Spanish. Not checked manually

Steve noticed that his body and mind were struggling to wake up, but he also had the perception of an enormous weight that prevented him from moving.

Finally, with effort, he opened his eyes. The darkness of an unknown room prevented him from seeing clearly. Only a long time later, his eyes, already accustomed to the darkness, allowed her to observe his body loaded with chains that kept him motionless on the ground.

He felt dazed. He didn’t know where he was or what had happened. Frightened, he tried to scream, but only an almost inaudible thread of voice emerged from his oral cords.

He tried to calm down and think clearly. He had to remember how he had gotten there and why he was bound with chains.

The only thought that came to his mind was: what the hell will it do me to remember? The only important thing is that I’m finished if someone doesn’t help me!

Disjointed thoughts came to his mind, but they still gave him no light.

Finally something coherent crossed his mind. Maybe he was there because one of the many people he had harmed throughout his life through his work was taking revenge.

He remembered the hundreds of people who, to enrich themselves, had lost much of his wealth. And he wondered if what he had been doing for many years would have been right.

He tried to absolve himself of any responsibility. After all, if you wanted to be successful in a business you couldn’t stop yourself from ethical objections.


Suddenly a doorbell started ringing annoyingly… and then, just then, Steve actually woke up. He looked around at where he was in his comfortable bed, next to his young and beautiful wife.

He noticed that a cold sweat ran through his body and smiled. “What a nightmare,” he thought. He quickly got out of bed and went to shower. Then he would have breakfast and go to his company to continue earning money. He smiled.

An hour later he was about to enter the garage to get into his Lamborghini  and go to work… Then he noticed a small store on the sidewalk in front of his magnificent house.

It seemed like they were selling oriental things, perhaps from India or Tibet… without really knowing why, he directed his steps there.

At the door a man with oriental features greeted him and immediately said: “It seems that he has had a bad night and that he has become aware that he does not like what he does…”

Steve, surprised, was about to tell him to punch him, but before he could do it, that man had a Tibetan bowl in his hand and made it sound… He felt that that sound harmonized his insides…

The man’s voice continued: -If he rings it every day, very soon he will feel calm and happy… Then he will only need to change those things in his life that he doesn’t like to achieve true happiness…

Steve, just in case, bought the bowl. In total, it only cost €20.00… he returned to his house and started making it ring… A moment later, his young and beautiful wife was next to him and asked: -What is this noise? What are you doing? Looking at her out of the corner of his eye and without stopping playing the bowl, she tersely answered: “I still don’t know, it will be a few days.” And he smiled enigmatically.

The Bowl – Short stories series – Copyright ©Montserrat Valls and Juan Genovés

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