Short Story Passione



Automatic traslation from the original story in Spanish. Not checked manually

It was any given day, any given Monday, any given year.

Brendan began to walk fast, down the streets of his city, crossing traffic lights and looking at stores without looking.

It was eight in the evening. Many stores were already closing.

And then, just then, a store caught his eye. He came in.

An old man was dusting some shelves full of old cameras.

He began to stare enraptured. He then turned to the old man and asked, “This store was here?”

The man, in an enigmatic way, replied: “Here, there, what does it matter…”

Brendan bought a camera like the old ones. He would once again achieve that color, those contrasts, that he never achieved with the mobile.

He felt happy… it wasn’t just any Monday anymore.

Short story "Passione"
Short story “Passione” ©Montserrat Valls Giner and ©Juan Genovés Timoner.

The next day…

It was an ordinary day, an ordinary Tuesday, of an ordinary year.

Linda walks without looking, head down, sad.

She suddenly sees a flower shop, one of those old florists, that no longer exist.

That was her passion and he forgot her…

Then she walks into the store, she gazes spellbound at the orchids, the vines, the lotus flowers.

The smell of jasmine, honey, cinnamon… The smell of her grandmother.

An old man, (it looks like her salesman), approaches her and asks: “can I help you?”

Linda looks at the old man and realizes that the store had never been there, she had been there a thousand times and had never seen it.

“This store was here?” she asks in surprise.

“Here, there, who cares” replies the florist enigmatically. Linda, soon after, comes out of it with tulip bulbs, with her head high and looking at a moon, which no longer laughs at her…

Sometimes, not always running can bring you rewarding surprises…

Passione – Short stories series – Copyright ©Montserrat Valls and Juan Genovés

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