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The poor lighting hardly cut through the darkness of that moonless night.

It was just after 1 o’clock, but on that cold night only a silhouette slipped through the shadows. Despite moving quickly, the pace seemed strange.

That individual had a contorted face. He was somewhat bent over, but there was tension in his body.

His desperate gaze tried to locate some open place, perhaps a bar or a restaurant where they could help him.

As he progressed, his apparent desperation increased… The darkest predictions swirled in his head. He still had to cross about ten streets to get to his house and he had serious doubts about getting there.

Only the darkness of the night prevented us from seeing the paleness of that face…


His half-closed eyes continued to bitterly scan the street in search of this help that was becoming more and more essential, but only the darkness answered him.

He continued advancing desperately, when he saw a car stop about a hundred meters from where he was… he tried to speed up his pace, maybe they could help him.

The rigidity with which he had to walk prevented him from arriving in time and just when he saw salvation within his reach the vehicle began its journey again.

Tears tried to come to his eyes, but he couldn’t stop… there were only four streets left to his house… maybe he would make it…

Desperation was taking over him more and more. He was aware that he couldn’t hold out for long. He felt like he was about to collapse.

Finally, through the darkness, he glimpsed the entrance to his house. With a superhuman effort he managed to get there… his hand trembled visibly while he tried to insert the key into the staircase lock… Finally, he managed to open it.

He hurriedly went to the elevator, entered and pressed the button for the third floor. His legs barely obeyed him anymore, but he made an effort to look for and have the key to his house ready… he got out of the elevator and with great effort managed to open the door on the second try.

Without turning on the light, he pushed the door, hoping it would close properly, and slipped down the long hallway. He was unbuttoning his clothes… he hoped to arrive on time.

He quickly opened a door and almost without time he managed to sit down…

A beastly fart broke the peace of the night and everything that was gripping his belly came gushing out… Only then could he breathe a sigh of relief and pleasure…

Need – Short stories series – Copyright ©Montserrat Valls and Juan Genovés

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